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With offices in Virginia and Maryland, Thoronka Law Offices LLC has been serving U.S. and international clients since 2005. Individuals and businesses come to Thoronka Law for our highly rated multilingual attorneys and their extensive experience solving our client’s most complicated immigration needs. We keep families together and help businesses prosper. Whether in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, our clients know that a solution to their immigration problems is a phone call away.

Attorney Ishmael Thoronka saw the need to invest into the community and be of service to people in need. Due to their efforts, this firm represents clients with diverse backgrounds from all walks of life and has built its reputation on honesty, integrity, and the exemplary work ethic of its outstanding staff. As an experienced law firm, Thoronka Law Offices LLC offers each client the individual attention they need in addressing and resolving their legal matters.

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Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at reasonable costs. We have a long standing commitment to our clients and an unparalleled dedication to the perception of their success. Get in touch with us today for sound legal services.

Good legal representation comes from good people. A firm is known by its attorneys. Although we invite only the most qualified lawyers to practice in our firm, technical competence is only part of what makes a good lawyer or a quality law firm. Greatness requires depth, perspective, and service to others. Our attorneys donate a significant amount of time to public issues, civic leadership and representation of the low opportune or indigent. We work hard to improve the quality of life for our clients, our community and our families. Our goal is to keep families together.